Early June

Leaf beetle. Labistomis?

















Trichodes apiarius/ Szalagos méhészbogár. Attractive black and red striped beetles often seen on flower heads in the sunshine. They lay their eggs in bees’ nests and the larvae are parasitic there. Adults eat pollen but this is basically a carnivorous species: they will also prey on other insects.











Light Emerald moth, hardly green at all, but a brilliant pearly white. ‘Pearl’ is in the Latin name (Campaea margaritata). On mint.











Marbled White (Sakktáblalepke). On Smoke bush (Cserszömörce).


Marbled White underside.








Marbled White. Dead, unfortunately. Road kill.

Nine-spotted moth or Yellow-belted Burnet (fehérpettyes álcsüngőlepke). Amata phegea.










Spotted Longhorn (Rutpela maculata). Tarkacsápú karcsúcincér.










Heath Fritillary (Melitaea athalia). Közönséges tarkalepke.


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